Theory of Physics, Yoba, Noi, Greenville Massive – Seaweed Daytime Sampler 2 [Seaweed Records]

Overjoyed techno and dispirited family from Seaweed with adulation.Electronic music – an wonderful symbiosis of cultural traditions from here the everybody Swedish description Seaweed Records presents their other below-ground compilation of the year.

Greenville Massive - Stockholm Bells (Original Mix)
Port Rouge - If This (Original Mix)
Backsvart - Elsa In The Sky (Original Mix)
Elias Kronberg - Golden (Original Mix)
Patagonia - Amo Amas (Original Mix)
dPop - Don Clover (Original Mix)
Noi - Captured Notes (Original Mix)
Yoba - Don't Ring My Bell (Original Mix)
Theory of Physics - Turn On (Original Mix)