Theoh, Evgeny Lebedev, Sergey Brodovsky – Amnesia [Addictive Sounds]

Remixing Amnesia we've got our big favorite of 2016 – Evgeny Lebedev who traditionally turns the creative into amazingly elevated abyssal gradual produce, with the trademark crumbly breathtaking atmospheric elements, good-looking decomposition which can only pass on you the shivers and skillfully crafted particular through. Next element of our tour is hosted by the crackerjack Russian processor Sergey Brodovsky who delivers absolutely captivating starting recount entitled 'Amnesia'. This kind is plainly customary to be your choosing if you like full of beans driving music in its solid configuration. Actual mix is designed to nick your regard straight away with the strong channel and dazzling melodic s score which sets the pessimistic nature virtuous unequivocally! Completing the combine, the processor once known as jT and now producing included his new Theoh alias offers a remarkably dense burden remix, filled with large big leeway elements and three-dimensional tor interval sounds! It evolves entirely unbroken and boosts the vivacity legal up to the drop-off which is decidedly top mark up compact clear-headed, provides material peril of losing your intellect! It's not that tranquil to recall this amicable of Amnesia! Addictive Sounds continues the Stygian gradual journey.

Sergey Brodovsky - Amnesia (Original Mix)
Sergey Brodovsky - Amnesia (Evgeny Lebedev Remix)
Sergey Brodovsky - Amnesia (Theoh Remix)