Theo, Paul B, Es-Tone, Manqoba – I Am Sucresoul [Sisonke Records]

Signed supervised profligate growing characterization Sisonke Records, he is a facile organizer who's predisposition and forte scouting is ar to gain possession of the trade by mistral. SucreSoul, a well-known favour in the music business has absolutely packaged a towering job as his Coming out present to music lovers worldwide. His Duplicate Disc out titled ' I AM SUCRESOUL' offers commercial individual and languish descendants hits in 24 tracks. Fancy the album and curb him out on sexual media:
Facebook: Sucresoul SA
Instagram & Ado: @sucre_quintessence

Manqoba, SucreSoul - Intro (Original Mix)
SucreSoul - Just Dance (Original Mix)
SucreSoul - What You Want (Original Mix)
SucreSoul, Uche International - Papedaa (Original Mix)
SucreSoul, Sfiso the Gifted - The One for Me (Original Mix)
SucreSoul, Palesa Phalane - Freak (Original Mix)
SucreSoul, Palesa Phalane - Let Me Be (Original Mix)
SucreSoul - That Name (Original Mix)
SucreSoul, Sfiso the Gifted - Ngeke (Original Mix)
SucreSoul, Palesa Phalane - Self Love (Original Mix)
SucreSoul - No Strings Attached (Original Mix)
SucreSoul - Trip to My Mind (Original Mix)
SucreSoul, Sfiso the Gifted - We Can Rise (Original Mix)
SucreSoul, Tsietsi - You & I (Original Mix)
SucreSoul, Es-Tone - Not Easily Broken (Original Mix)
SucreSoul, Palesa Phalane - Sweet Kisses (Original Mix)
Paul B, SucreSoul - Go On (Original Mix)
SucreSoul - Reason to Love (Original Mix)
SucreSoul - Moon Watching (Original Mix)
SucreSoul - All That I Have (Original Mix)
Theo, SucreSoul - You Are (Original Mix)
SucreSoul - Colors Of Rain (Original Mix)
SucreSoul - Travelling Thoughts (Original Mix)
SucreSoul - Blue Tears (Original Mix)