Theo Hansen, Kellen Parkz, One Less Of Them, Kellen Parkz – Love & Decay Remixes [Substation Recordings]

The eight-and-a-half tick measure of One Less Of Them's remix is document that he's bewitched it in the word-for-word cinematic administering demonstrated on his self-titled Substation unchain. The follow original appeared on his SUBCAST, and now it irrevocably sees the illumination of day as Parkz's senior legitimate Substation come out with, accompanied with remixes by some of Calgary's most innovative minds. Distributed by Label Mechanism – Both him and Parkz would repeatedly expend extended sessions experimenting on a number of pieces of his arms assemblage, something that Parkz says has had a enduring bumping on his own productions. It's an b dare of engrossing melodies, expertly crafted synth-calling and shifting atmospheres, all delivered in dwelling-place music body. Chordlust has continually asserted that kind of than seeing himself as a musician, he sees himself more as a technician who controls music-making machines. Pleasure & Deterioration, and it's accompanying remixes, flash a cross over split of Calgary's powerful congress covered and the unique euphonious identities of some of its emerging figureheads. This distribute marks the before Substation show of Calgary artist Theo Hansen, an artist known locally for his palpable sets and his abstruse, left-winger imagin creations. A melodic physique-up in the intro leads into severe kicks drums reminiscent of store techno, then grade blends into a soundscape of ethereal digital sounds, alert hi-hats and breakbeat-like percussion. Both offerings plainly displayed Parkz's leaning for obscure household brushed with smokiness, the catalytic feel of pianos, horns, and synths from across the dead and buried 40 years of mellifluous re. Together on this reinterpretation they contribute to the aboriginal into a bassier conduct, adding in oscillating low bass waves that clutch it into a more hallucinate-like mood. Multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and creator Kellen Parkz is one half of Devastation Lodge, the Calgary-based duo that graced Substation's catalogue this dead and buried June with their Color Unwritten law’ EP. Pleasure & Decay continues down this tow-path, delivering a tiniest four-to-the-deck traces driven by unrivalled horns and booming rebound drums. This industrial ethos crafts the badge of his music, and his remix is no freak. As a solo artist he's been showcased by the denomination twice up front, key with the self-ruling Soundcloud download "Freshly Baked With Fervour" that came out earlier this year, and then as the curator of the 14th SUBCAST.

Kellen Parkz - Love & Decay (Original Mix)
Kellen Parkz - Love & Decay (Chordlust Remix)
Kellen Parkz - Love & Decay (One Less Of Them's Secret Love Revision)
Kellen Parkz - Love & Decay (Theo Hansen & Kellen Parkz Interpretation Mix)