The Trews – Time Capsule [Nettwerk]

Seasoned rockers The Trews set their most finished album yet: Stretch Capsule. Featuring four parching new songs, table-topping wireless hits, asset fan favourites and some chasmic cuts. Kid Sway joins the fete with his dazzling mask of the anthemic "Highway of Heroes" and prolonged-convenience life Trews fans had more intelligent uniform themselves for the locomotive blitzkrieg of "Fair & Forlorn"(co-written with Serena Ryder).

The Trews - Lotta Work / Little Love (Original Mix)
The Trews - Not Ready to Go (Remastered)
The Trews - Tired of Waiting (Remastered)
The Trews - So She's Leaving (Remastered)
The Trews - Yearning (Remastered)
The Trews - Poor Ol' Broken Hearted Me (Remastered)
The Trews - Ishmael and Maggie (Remastered)
The Trews - Hold Me in Your Arms (Remastered)
The Trews - Paranoid Freak (Remastered)
The Trews - Man of Two Minds (Remastered)
The Trews - I Can't Stop Laughing (Remastered)
The Trews - Sing Your Heart Out (Studio Version)
The Trews - Beautiful and Tragic (Original Mix)
The Trews - Highway of Heroes (Remastered)
The Trews - Hope & Ruin (Remastered)
The Trews - The Power of Positive Drinking (Remastered)
The Trews - In the Morning feat. Serena Ryder (Remastered)
The Trews - What's Fair Is Fair (Remastered)
The Trews - Rise in the Wake (Remastered)
The Trews - Chinese Kites (Original Mix)
The Trews - Highway of Heroes feat. Kid Rock (Alternate Version)