The Southern, Kaiserdisco – Raw 013 [KD RAW]

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The Southern takes the laws of techno very seriously, Italy's Carmine Portarulo showing his scholarship of the game with a trio of era-spanning, rulebook-studying tracks graduating from dark alleys and mass arenas.

'Your Subconscious' is precisely the place you don't want a surging, Kaiserdisco-assisted techno thriller to nestle, with a riff telling you to get out of the water and a synth line trebling the terror.

'Ipnosi' rises from watery depths to become a problem-causing techno monument, loop control staying calm under escalating pressure.
'Raw Feeling' is all in the title: a classic techno model, loaded with a boundless sequence of filtered stabs and piston perfect beats stamped with a Detroit postmark.

Kaiserdisco, The Southern - Subconscious (Original Mix)
The Southern - Raw Feeling (Original Mix)
The Southern - Ipnosi (Original Mix)