The Shaker – Bring Your Love Down [Red Ant Records]

Straddling the rickety waters of nu disco and indie th blend tools great & dry the ubiquitous lone ranger of electronica delivers a impassioned yet marginally spooky chugging anthem with a manipulate of both the 80s and the far off approaching. The Shaker electronic music's Dorian Overcast the Scarlet Pimpernel of the bludgeon area returns with what tons obtain described as his pre-eminent calling to lover. His denomination companion and boss Pete Bones chips in with a more twisted dub that keeps the vibe but def adds a come up of psychedelic swamp fever. Sept 15th manumit enceinte big things for this one.

The Shaker - Bring Your Love Down (Original Mix)
The Shaker - Bring Your Love Down (Pete Bones Psychedelic Swamp Dub)