The Pedestrian, Airwave – I Want To Believe [Bonzai Classics]

With a much more different string of styles including reformist state of semi-consciousness, downtempo, uplifting and stupor, this one appealed to the more discerning music listener. Partitioning Bell, Lightspeed, Elope From Nowhere, Venus Of My Dreams and myriad more top stage tracks 2004, two years after Assume trust to went all atop of the set, Laurent hit us with another album entitled I Fancy To Swear by.

Airwave - God Surrounds Us (Original Mix)
Airwave - Space Divas (Original Mix)
Airwave - I Want To Believe (Ultrafex Mix)
Airwave - Lightspeed (Original Mix)
Airwave - Boredom (Original Mix)
Airwave - Run (Dub Mix)
Airwave - Escape From Nowhere (Original Mix)
Airwave, The Pedestrian - Seattle Calling feat. The Pedestrian (Original Mix)
Airwave - Venus Of My Dreams (Original Mix)
Airwave - The Division Bell (Original Mix)
Airwave - Last Flight To Gaia (Original Mix)