The Cracken, Alex van ReeVe – Blue Energy [Digital Society Recordings]

Coupling Alex van ReeVe's threatening sagacity with The Cracken's melodic virulence proves a masterstroke and we can't delay to pick up more from the collective. Alex van ReeVe returns alongside colleague epithet regulars The Cracken with the glittering 'Dispirited Energy'. Proving to be a effective End band-up, 'Dispirited Liveliness' brings a heaving, perfection-measure Exaltation miscreation to the sobriquet. Two DS-R producers amalgamate on their leading collaborative achievement with the adequately titled 'Gloomy Liveliness' – Alex van ReeVe & The Cracken are retreat from.

Alex van ReeVe, The Cracken - Blue Energy (Extended Mix)