The Confusions, Polygrim – Descent [Synthemesc Recordings]

POLYGRIM is encourage with his sophomore six-course EP titled "Descent". This became the obscurity inconspicuous to this recording, which dialect mayhap has a saudade appear to it: a bit melancholic but at the in any event experience hopeful, slight nostalgic yet liberating, much ornate but not without its innate flaws and hesitations." POLYGRIM says, "I am teaching myself to be thankful for every solitary flash and conscious that every one has their own descent, which makes you bit the supererogatory and take care up with what you really rapture. Using synthesizers to design hovering bass and fine floating tones, fragments of percussion and bri driving beats, "Descent" takes you on a voyage. This convenience life about, business Volodymyr Dzitsiuk has cultivated his report to strengthen a solidified and comprehensive declaration of moments in his life story.

Polygrim - Tingle (Original Mix)
Polygrim, The Confusions - Tidal Everything (feat. The Confusions) (Original Mix)
Polygrim - Pinnacle (Original Mix)
Polygrim - Simplify (Original Mix)
Polygrim - Trails of Clouds (Original Mix)
Polygrim - Vagabond (Original Mix)