The Cheapers, Lupo, Gunne – Farbenfroh Und Hell [Lebensfreude Records]

Basically House is the better pop music in the summer.
Chris Manura, longtime resident of the Distillery Club in Leipzig
and Boe van Berg singer Alexander Boedewig, tinkered together on melancholy unpretentious pop songs. "Lupo" is the name of the project and Farbefroh Und Hell ("Colourful and bright" ) – a tribute to carefree, almost solitary days – is their first single.
Incl. Remixes of the Berlin Watergate – Swashbuckler Ruede Hagelstein and Franzen Texas aka The Cheapers and label boss Gunne.

Lupo - Farbenfroh Und Hell (Gunne Remix)
Lupo - Farbenfroh Und Hell (The Cheapers Remix)
Lupo - Farbenfroh Und Hell (Original Mix)