The Bongo Man, Vortex, The Test Tube Twins, Melt – New Era Tools 3 [New Era Recordings]

Gathering of truly utilitarian packed space fully drum, FX and vocal tracks. Can be in use accustomed to whilst dee-jaying, or for active sets, or for use in adapt construction.Electronic music – an astonishing symbiosis of cultural traditions from all over the society

Melt - Angstrom (Minimal Beats Mix)
Morpheus Project - Effects Tool (Original Mix)
Synaptic - Gimp (Beats Mix)
Soundscape - Effects Tool (Original Mix)
The Test Tube Twins - Goof (Drum Tool)
Vortex - Auto Erotica (Beats Mix)
The Bongo Man - Brutor (Beats Mix)
The Bongo Man - King (Beats Mix)
The Bongo Man - Monkey (Beats Mix)
The Bongo Man - Stomp (Beats Mix)