The Bongo Man, Melt, Jak Jaxon, Rainforest Project – Shiva Tools 57 [Telepathy]

Tyra (Markus Fix Remix)
TAF, Tyra – All To Swiftly tour de force. Tyra (Leman & Dieckmann Remix)
TAF – Why Dont You With The B Side (Prototypical Mix)
Anders – Drahcir (Innovative Mix)
Anders – Embla (Authentic Mix)
APM001 – The Plunge (Novel Mix)
APM001 – The Plunge (Konvex & The Suspicion Remix)
APM001 – The Take a nosedive (Mainro Remix)
APM001 – The Trip (Byte Array Remix)
Dan Caster – OK champion Tho (Primordial Mix)
Dan Caster – Evil And Principled (Authentic Mix)
Furnish Genera, Ed Zalezskiy – Tolerable Morning (Imagin Mix)
Allocate Genera, Ed Zalezskiy – Whispers (Primary Mix)
jav3x – Fascinating (Prototypical Mix)
jav3x – Enthralling (Suonare Remix)
jav3x – Reflections (Earliest Mix)
jav3x – Reflections (Lesh Remix)
Fac3Off – Goodness (Primitive Mix)
Fac3Off – Seething Souls (Unique Mix)
Fac3Off – Astro Boy (Initial Mix)
Fac3Off – Spectre Cities (Unique Mix)
Giza Djs – Galassia (Primeval Mix)
Giza Djs – Praeceptum (Creative Mix)
Giza Djs – The Buzz (Source Mix)
Hady Tarek, Halocene – Disclose Me (Crocy Remix)
Hady Tarek, Halocene – Relate Me (Jaap Ligthart Remix)
Hady Tarek, Halocene – Publish Me (Actual Mix)
Hady Tarek, Halocene – Hint at Me (Dub Mix)
Hansgod – Pineal (Primary Mix)
Hansgod – Manger Bio (Initial Mix)
Neil Flynn, Katie Kim – J.E.N. Accomplishment. Katie Kim (Trikk Selva Densa Mix)
Neil Flynn – Shadows (Prototypical Mix)
Allies for The whole world, Right-minded Her – Low Tide (Indigenous Mix)
Allies for Everyone, Reasonable Her – Finance to the Originator (Beginning Mix)
Allies for All, Lawful Her – Go to the Informant (Marc DePulse Remix)
Juxtpose – Falling (Creative Mix)
Juxtpose – Third Eye (Native Mix)
Juxtpose – Frost (Authentic Mix)
Juxtpose – Madrigal (Prototypical Mix)
Khubu – Chasing Stars (Creative Mix)
Khubu – Faded (Prototypical Mix)
Khubu – The Chaste (First Mix)
Ki Creighton – Acid Pour (Native Mix)
Ki Creighton – The Trek (Actual Mix)
Ki Creighton – Jam Hot (Primary Mix)
Uner – Walking To The Stars (Primitive Mix)
Uner – Walking To The Stars (Dj Hell-fire & Moralez Remix)
Uner – Disclaimer (Autochthonous Mix)
Uner – Disclaimer (Francesca Lombardo Remix)
Vangelis Kostoxenakis – Run out of gas (Primary Mix)
Vangelis Kostoxenakis – Continual True self (Imagin Mix)
Vangelis Kostoxenakis – Inauguration Of A Don (Indigenous Mix)
Stefano Pini – Prometheus (Innovative Mix)
Stefano Pini – Prometheus (Tomy DeClerque Remix)
Stefano Pini – Utterly (Beginning Mix)
Nysepter – Wit Direct (Genuine Mix)
Nysepter – Numian (Starting Mix)
MUUI – New Faces (Authentic Mix)
MUUI – Invocation (Creative Mix)
MUUI – Vin (Earliest Mix)
MUUI – Entended (Basic Mix)
Nato Medrado – You (First Mix)
Nato Medrado – You (Hells Nautical galley Remix)
Nato Medrado – You (Alessandro Diga Remix)
Nato Medrado – You (Fassi Remix)
Olivers – Unclear (Primary Mix)
Olivers – Shaking (Genuine Mix)
Sunset Moments – Leaving You A Grin (Authentic Mix)
Sunset Moments – Leaving You A Grin (Kevin Holdeen Remix)
SevenEver, Nopopstar, Nosta – All We Have need of (Primeval Mix)
SevenEver, Nopopstar, Nosta – All We Distress (Anton Ishutin Remix)
SevenEver, Nopopstar, Nosta – All We Call (PashaRed Remix)
SevenEver, Nopopstar, Nosta – All We Necessity (Max Hydra Remix)
SourCream, Oleg Byonic – All Summer In A Day (Starting Mix)
SourCream, Oleg Byonic – All Summer In A Day (Showave Remix)
SourCream, Oleg Byonic – All Summer In A Day (Visionate Remix)
Renga Weh – Disaster (Archetypal Mix)
Renga Weh – Emanation (First Mix)
Loco & Jam – Boundaries Of Sonic (Imagin Mix)
Olivier Giacomotto, Noir – Reste (Dub Mix)
Hermanez – Unfathomable cavity (Native Mix)
Weska – Are You Valid (Basic Mix)
Frankyeffe – Suspended (Initial Mix)
Sean Collier, Fractious – Pendulum (Primeval Mix)
Moonwalk – Mirage (Authentic Mix)
Peter Bailey – Taunting (Master Mix)
Metodi Hristov – Exoplanet Panorama (Primary Mix)
Metodi Hristov – Anomaly (Starting Mix) Tour de force. Tyra (Aboriginal Mix)
TAF, Tyra – All To On the double tour de force. Extremely serviceable gathering of drum tracks and percussion loops for use in song construction as samples, or as tools for DJ sets.Infinity Land – Counting Clouds (Basic Mix)
Infinity Phase – Counting Clouds (Ethillas Remix)
Infinity Status – Counting Waves (Beginning Mix)
Smeed & Suspence – Tournament (Imagin Mix)
Smeed & Suspence – Chasing (Actual Mix)
Smeed & Suspence – Ceaseless (Piece Remix)
Smeed & Suspence – Chasing (V i v i d Remix)
Weisses Licht – Transhumanism (Autochthonous Mix)
Weisses Licht – Replication (Indigenous Mix)
Weisses Licht – Nanobots Inter Molecules (Primary Mix)
Weisses Licht – Cryonics (Primary Mix)
A.D.L – Hunted (Primordial Mix)
Abity – Xoolshed (Primeval Mix)
Alex Neri – Primary Theory (Autochthonous Mix)
Alex Neri – Not Exclusi (Earliest Mix)
Alex Neri – Balanced Scheme (Imagin Mix)
Alex Neri – Even Contest (Voltague Rmx)
Alex Neri – True Strategy (DJ LE ROI presents BREYN remix)
TAF, Tyra – All To Instantly deed. Katie Kim (Basic Mix)
Neil Flynn, Katie Kim – J.E.N.

Rainforest Project - Rumble Beats (Original Mix)
Dan Soden - Heart Beats (Original Mix)
Dan Soden - Sure Beats (Original Mix)
Soundscape - Major Beats (Original Mix)
Jak Jaxon - Freak Loop 1 (127 BPM)
Jak Jaxon - Freak Loop 2 (127 BPM)
Melt - Angstrom Loop 3 (128 BPM)
Melt - Angstrom Loop 4 (128 BPM)
The Bongo Man - Bassline Strut (127 BPM)
The Bongo Man - Bassline Pulse (127 BPM)
The Bongo Man - Stomp Loop 1 (127 BPM)
The Bongo Man - Stomp Loop 2 (127 BPM)