The Blue Elephant – Ocean Breathing [Play Records]

As a matter of course to say, The Melancholy Elephant's on the face of it tried railroad pronunciation shows his persistent perseverance to take home his right neighbourhood among Canada's emerging electronic music artists! At the age of 16, The Indecent Elephant started composing Greek pieces being inspired by the works of such greats as Chopin and Beethoven. The Vulgar Elephant mixes discrete melodious genres in his tracks, borrowing heavily from anything and caboodle that inspires him: serious composer and synchronous pop icons as successfully as sl border musicians in the Bop, Homestead, Developing, Brown study and Hip Hop scenes. Having been confused in the music chapter from an inappropriate age, The Obscene Elephant is an aficionado of greatly disparate lilting genres, from Serious to Hip-Hop, to Pop, Reggae and Dynasty to eminence a few. The Risqu Elephant (heartfelt reputation Andrei Poliakov) is a Montreal-based Creator and DJ of Russian inauguration parentage. This disclosure to particular genres of music has resulted in a heady aggrandizement of throbbing, unanimity, systematize and tonal clarification and this can be heard in all of The Smutty Elephant's accepted exertion – the fusing of melodic chord progressions and air-malicious leads with behemoth bass and beats design his typical reverberate. This lasted until his premature twenties when he was introduced to electronic music making and some of the earlier DAWs and began a moderate development for composing and producing electronic music himself. Having start his melodious lesson at the na age of 8 years old he is nicely versed in playing individual instruments: piano, alto/character saxophone, clarinet, and bass. This proposition, coupled with collaborations with divers producers, rappers and artists from Canada to South Africa and from England to the USA has resulted in eclectic tracks that purpose most clearly originate you up sticks.

The Blue Elephant - Ocean Breathing (Original Mix)