The Atrium, Elektrodrei – Running In Circles [Young Society Neon Edition]

Elektrodrei's involvement with music goes a long way back, even way before all of our devices and digital media turned music into the streaming-driven, fast market that it is the music industry today.

In spite of the changing times, Elektrodrei still set out to remain faithful to their unique sound and to their approach to production. The sound has always been personal and strikingly articulate, refusing to stand by trends and stick to what's popular, but working hard to create an engaging, direct and powerful mix where heavy bass, sparse grooves and deep textures interact beautifully, leaving room for seamless melodies to glue it all together.

There's a somewhat dark and haunting quality to Elektrodrei's music and their tracks remain catchy and relatable, while retaining an edge of subtle sophistication that adds life and depth to these productions.

Elektrodrei - Running in Circles (Original Mix)
Elektrodrei - So Strong (Original Mix)
Elektrodrei - Turkeye (Original Mix)
Elektrodrei - You Must Be Mine (Original Mix)
Elektrodrei, The Atrium - Electrified (Original Mix)