The Allegorist – Botanical Utopia [Kraak Records]

The Allegorist talks through music to everyone, for vocals using the fictional majestic Mondoneoh language, to connect all nations and honor all our ancestors. I sing for our great-grandmothers, praying and laughing together, I sing for our brothers and sisters, living life together, and I sing for our daughters and sons, hearing their wishes and anger shouting together.
Since that, my tiny flat studio is my home and I am again at a very beginning of something new. I have a long way ahead of me and I am looking forward to walk on it.

The Allegorist is happy to inspire the soul warriors. Because there is a better future! This future cannot be reached without a change and this has to begin in our minds.

Join the Intergalactic Journey with dreamy visions trough time and space and discover emotional freedom. Get in touch and let ?s get connected! The movement is ours.

Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with big dreams is more powerful than one with all the facts.
The Allegorist

All tracks were analog mastered by Angelos Timewarp Stoumpos.

The Allegorist - Floating Mantra (Original Mix)
The Allegorist - Ragged Traveller (Original Mix)
The Allegorist - Interstellar Crosswalks (Original Mix)
The Allegorist - Plastic Millenium (Original Mix)
The Allegorist - Sparkling Euphoria (Original Mix)
The Allegorist - Hypnotic Treasures (Original Mix)
The Allegorist - Aurora Borealis (Original Mix)
The Allegorist - Alaskan Malamute (Original Mix)
The Allegorist - Human Evolution (Original Mix)
The Allegorist - Desert Walks (Original Mix)