The Advent, Kernel Key – Sudden Turn Ep [Kombination Research]

So he started playing with his original vinyls, eloquent labels as Metroplex, Alternative Guerillas, Transmat, Axis, M-Fixtures, and following DJ\Producers like Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, Kenny Larkin, Mike Banks. But when in 1994 he listened to for the earliest space to a Techno strip from Derrick May, he had quickly a big passion for Techno Detroit. He has his pre-eminent access with the music when at the age of 10 his forefather gave him his chief piano keyboard. KR110 – Centre Key – Rash Face EP

1 Rash Turn

2 Trampling

3 Surprising Circle (The Advent Remix)

100%% Techno Guaranteed Grain Key was born in Naples. He grew listening to Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Dire Straits.

Kernel Key - Sudden Turn (Original Mix)
Kernel Key - Trampling (Original Mix)
Kernel Key - Sudden Turn (Original Mix)