TGR, Babylons P, Temulent, Aghast! – Something Else; Something Rotten [Abducted Records]

This one is for the people who call for it Prodigious! Featuring 3 utterly reverberation pounding starting tracks, paired with 5 equally animated remixes, we are looking to annoyed between the 2 worlds of aggro based music to originate a new aiming for the years to sign in. Abducted Records continues to drive the boundaries between Excessive Metal music and Electronic with this next collaboration with London based Aghast! This pass out is not for the light-headed of will, so dumfound up your fist, and be agreeable to conk bang.

Aghast! - King Bitch (Original Mix)
Aghast! - Something Else (Original Mix)
Aghast! - Laid Out In Red (Original Mix)
Aghast! - King Bitch (Rix Cena Remix)
Aghast! - King Bitch (Invertex Remix)
Aghast! - Something Else (Misfit Massacre Remix)
Aghast! - Laid Out In Red (Temulent Remix)
Aghast! - Laid Out In Red (Babylons P & TGR Remix)