Tensile Force, Josephali, AirLab7, Marco Mc Neil – Momentum [Sundance Recordings]

He returns to the name by showing us what to guess. Expressively known by now for their signature shape of driving, active hypnotic. A mammoth melodic move is backed up by strong bass and percussion on the unique mix, resulting in an contagious and never-to-be-forgotten way to gratification the dancefloors. 'Strength', is a spacey, deep fuse of trancey elements with an euphoria discern that builds and builds cranny of and at the end of the day delivering a polluted bassline to uphold up the enormous supervise. Another remixer comes from Turkish, JosephAli. Tobias F Weber & Marco Mc Neil returns to Sundance Recordings delivering different slices of top cut consummation-ease power that are made for the lately evening dancefloors. Initial up on remix duties we have AirLab7 who introduces us to his uplifting, melodic concern, with a indistinct crack-up and an catching incline riff, showing why AirLab7 is one of the most unswerving brown study producers about. Rounding things off, Tensile Force returns to Sundance Recordings after some period out with another of his elephantine, tech-fuelled mutation remix that makes the path cheerful for the current continually dancefloors!

Marco Mc Neil, Tobias F Weber - Momentum (Original Mix)
Marco Mc Neil, Tobias F Weber - Momentum (AirLab7 Remix)
Marco Mc Neil, Tobias F Weber - Momentum (JosephAli Remix)
Marco Mc Neil, Tobias F Weber - Momentum (Tensile Force Remix)