Teddy Unblessing – Life Is Strange [Invert Recordings]

A twisted Dubstep vibe is all on the other side of this trail, and he also exhort trustworthy that you org a short breathe in of oxygen every now and then. Started with a monitor called 'Duration Is Quaint', a haunting intro that reveals much hope within ourselves, mug-crushing distillation, and a blood-pumping plummet mould the appellation properly deserves as portrait of the EP itself. Ironically, Teddy Unblessing sent his elementary demo to the earmark and it turned out to be a elephantine advantage for Invert Recordings! The marker suffer with waited so prolonged to make available a steady nut-banging Dubstep tracks for so hunger, and the hold on is upwards. Existence Is Weird EP is his premier standalone pass out with Invert Recordings. Lastly, 'Perception Control', this slot proves that Teddy Unblessing has a filled authoring Dubstep power to direct all the bass-heads out there, as spectacularly as ritually gives us a daunting voodoo darkness on the blemished mental collapse. And already shows how stalwart his bass and beats can be! His moniker authority not be as big as his quiescent as a powerful accomplished yet evil Dubstep maker in Indonesia. The alternative footprints is called 'Until Commencement' is so understandably written and Teddy Unblessing is nice enough to get what is deserves: to be set as a independent download solitary! We are completely opt to existing to you, the next formulation of Indonesia's Dubstep, Teddy Unblessing.

Teddy Unblessing - Life Is Strange (Original Mix)
Teddy Unblessing - Until Dawn (Original Mix)
Teddy Unblessing - Mind Control (Original Mix)