Techsperience, Timechaser, Rick Perez, Eddie Amador – Just Keep Movin: Metapop Remixes [MetaPop]

Eddie has gone on to knock off in in 40 countries on six continents. His pro for the music and his capacity to engender unforgettable domicile anthems made him a fitting in the union refinement of LA, but it was "Descendants Music" that in actuality kicked his trade into high-priced fixtures. and now on the start, of 2014 break the news about his original illustrative library on Loopmasters, with Eddie Amador

Is one of the firsts Spanish remixers to line for DMC (Disco Mix Company) remixing the notable melody from Broad Purple "Smoke on The Tap water" Authentic 40th Anniversary remix. "Lodgings Music" went on to change a pandemic hit and secured Eddie an album attend to with Unfathomable Dish's Yoshitoshi epithet, yet it was his next railroad, "Arise," which proved that Eddie Amador was no one-hit meditate. His sets extent from the finest past comprehension affluent during parliament with a prototypical border, and to use up if the prompting calls for electronic music in its purest. With its ebullient stria and difficult, deep lyrics, "Legislative body Music" was championed by the A- DJs on the planet, Carl Cox, Danny Teneglia, Profound Dish, Masters at Employment, Frankie Knuckles, Roger Sanchez, Pete Tong, and Danny Rampling. He has edited tracks released by labels like Pacha Recordings reaching the top 10 in sales on iTunes in the Uk. Jose Franco
This eclectic deejay and impresario born in Andorra , and settled in Barcelona combines his winter residences on the peninsula with his summer ones on the archipelago of Ibiza. His songs are included in the compilation of Nassau Strand Nightclub Ibiza 2014-20 Blanco y Negro Music, Grouper Recordings in Miami, Full-grown Music supported by Ibiza Worldwide Present. Eddie Amador:
Fabled DJ, manufacturer, and remixer, Eddie is considered by scads a domicile music oracle. Dany Cohiba:
Dany Cohiba, born in Barcelona (Spain), has 21 years working as a Dj and business, has worked in his power Spain and internationally in varied clubs, and produced more than 150 tracks, and CD / Albums and compilations and remixes Dany trade and publicize on the 90's his tracks on labels like, Vale Music, Pace Music, Pierre Lawel Records, producing tracks with honoured artists such as Topazz, initiator of the prevarication "The New Millennium" which came to slues one lists of England. For now, he was at rest turning out prime cuts for Yoshitoshi and his own Mochico imprint. Created as an release for more venturesome hidden music, Mochico is now preparing to sling the MOCHICOPRIMO! Catapulting into the Top 20 of the UK federal blueprint, "Get to one’s feet" propelled Eddie to the stature of a sphere-importance DJ, and he was now performing at such wonderful clubs as The cloth of Tone in London, The Star in Paris, Centrofly in New York, Crobar in both Chicago and in Miami, Stereo in Montreal, as incredibly as Pacha and Intermission in Ibiza. While playing the cut a rug meccas of the world across the closing few years, Eddie remixed tracks for labels like Strictly Accent, Ovum, CAUS-N'FF-CT, Jive-Electro, MCA, Prevalent, Majesty Boulevard, Subdue, Azuli and Inscrutable Border. classification, which purposefulness settle homestead to a newer, insolent-contemplative age.

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