Tech D – Flora [Zephyr Music]

MOONWALK, as the reputation goes brings in a cosmic ambiance middle of its simplistic line-up of sounds. His latest EP FLORA which includes Moonwalk and Whispers transpires his sounds to a inspiring lapse enveloping a serene aural tickle. Working his magical sounds toward the darker and yet melodic spaces. A possible rise spell deluge burner, Whispers completes the ambiance of sounds that this EP brings for those who wholly adulate Step by step Race. FLORA which has already hit the correct notes in some of the most adored producers and elucidate hosts across the world. Ukraine based Tech D aka Igor Yevtushenko is synonym to some of the finest releases in Advancing descendants. WHISPERS on the other indicator holds on to the whole vibe of the EP and yet adds on to the dimension be means of a appealing trace of flute laden refrain. FLORA brings in an eager and indistinct ambiance as it builds up under the aegis the chords.

Tech D - Flora (Original Mix)
Tech D - Moonwalk (Original Mix)
Tech D - Whispers (Original Mix)