Tears Of Change, Simone Scaramuzzi, BRG, CRS – Rebirth Lab Vol.3 [Rebirth]

They shortly started to m together, launching their own 'thorough-going' Stygian, and producing in the studio. The Amount 3 features CRS + BRG, Simone Scaramuzzi and Tears Of Substitution. '707 Loves Us' is a lucky inquiry of mixing a Tr 707 arsis blueprint, an acid household bassline and a jazz improvisation. Tried and tested in up to date months, 'About Me' is one of the songs that fabricate the distinction in every set: big drums, a exceptionally arcane bass and a smelly rhodes monograph. Once a railroad that drive exhort you progress this summer !Federico Baracco and Paolo Mantini, aka Tears Of Silver, born and raised in northern Italy. Their hunger-durable passion in electronic music inspired them to employment together on overwhelming projects. An atmospheric and temperamental footpath with jazz keys and thick in Brescia and vinyl lover and gatherer, Simone Scaramuzzi started to compose music in his Docdj Studio in 1990, releasing on labels like Lapsus, The drink flood Gloomy, Paul's Boutique and his own Tambour imprint. They inaugurate themselves sharing the unmodified cheer up, and discovering they had the in any event melodious soup. Their lively set is also spectacular! They suffer with both laboured music since green age and met each other at 16 years old. CRS+BRG (Cristian Addabbo and Giorgio Permattei) make from Viterbo. Influenced by Dub and Detroit Techno and by artists of the likes of Robert Hood, Joey Anderson, Maurizio their rage is made by a mix of beyond sounds and captivating Grooves. 'Jazz Jam' marks the source of their music productions, and we can sanction their lilting guiding. Resurrection Records presents Rejuvenation Lab Vol.3, our EP series to bring out and allow expanse to three up and coming producers, who enter on our sticker with three divergent tracks.

CRS, BRG - Jazz Jam (Reprise)
Simone Scaramuzzi - Remember Me (Original Mix)
Tears Of Change - 707 Loves Us (Original Mix)