TD – Crimson Night Ep [Deep Contrast]

15 years later, hushed loving the whole shebang from Downright Sinatra and The Coast Boys to Detroit techno, continuing congress and ambient, he combines elements from his assorted influences to engender a reverberate of his own…. Getting on a particular tuneful process, impenetrable diving into electronic music, information less its intelligence and how a DJ can nurture a set on a dancefloor for hours on end. Already loving bands like Kraftwerk, this was a capacious way to get the arousal endorse. TD, aka Tomas Dahl from Oslo, Norway has fatigued the closing 20 years playing in diverse rocks bands, recording albums and touring the fraternity. He started out playing drums, but st took up guitar, bass, keys and singing. On a future occasion in the unpunctually 90s, annoyed of being in bands, rehearsing and touring, he was introduced by friends to the Pandemic Hidden series. In the summer of 2015 he released his on one’s own album to fulminate reviews, and Norwegian tig appointed it the "album of the summer". He also has his own one-man tie called Caddy, where he writes all things, plays all the instruments, sings and produces.

TD - Crimson night (Original Mix)
TD - Shadows (Original Mix)