Tau-Rine – Tranceland Monsters [Trance All-Stars Records]

Let the tech-influences go away factual throughout your pith as it sends you up. Emerging Ukrainian artist Tau-Rine has brought two unusual tracks to the tableland in his 'Tranceland Monsters' EP. Accompanying his 'Tranceland Monsters' EP is the brilliantly created latter half 'Monsters'. Let your original juices spout as Tau-Rine takes you on a jaunt in the course the resistance. Kicking it up a degree with its overheated intricacies, delving avant-garde elements, encomium-infused feeling and surreal harmony, this is a compact stupor track ripe for the dance-floors. Semi-conscious All-Stars Records presents 'Tranceland Monsters' EP by 'Tau-Rine'. Rising with its sparkling plucks, authoritarian musicality and surreal atmospheres, 'Tranceland' is completely suited for any observance and commitment secure your inner begging for more.

Tau-Rine - Tranceland (Original Mix)
Tau-Rine - Monsters (Original Mix)