Tap Newo – Warehouse District [VFTR]

From the soot and gameness of downtown to the serene vibes of Santa Monica, his sound makes Los Angeles make live. Inspired by Preditah, Marco Carola, and Alix Perez, his sound out in the direction of producing holds an uncommonly superior measure. Pat "Tap Newo" spends most of his untrammelled interval skateboarding in downtown Los Angeles, an compass of which much of the impulse for his mode comes from. Patrick Owen Keane. Patrick is currently studying effect engineering at Jammed Float University in Orlando, Florida and has a regular ear for complexity within his music. Distributed By Symphonic Giving out – "Tap Newo" is a 20 year old electronic music auteur from north Los Angeles.

Tap Newo - Bacc (Original Mix)
Tap Newo - Defiance (Original Mix)