Tanvir Ahmed, nywkNH, Maksim Biserov, Dormidontov – Concept Of Love [Pineapple Grooves]

The superiority strength be close to publish, but the thrash is tranquil to go. Yes Desire:

Jet Kate provides the vibes with some shuffling grooves, old kindergarten snares and FM bass. Concept Of Liking (La Pin Remix):

La Pin dials things subsidize a dent in their remix with some paragon analogue sounds and an arpeggio that brings and underwater sensation! All we can say is "more like". Remixers for this EP are, La Pin, Maksim Biserov,
nywkNH and Tanvir Ahmed. Kindly use of reverb and delays on this one to get you on a succulent mellifluous way. We fancy you make use of this rifling! Concept Of Attachment (Tanvir Ahmed Remix):

Chilly, fresh synths atop a squelchy bass vibrating. Concept Of Tenderness (nywkNH Remix):

A laid promote Nu-Disco advance with a comprehensible uncomplicated listening bassline and anfractuous synth travail. Concept of Fondness:

A breakbeat muddle with filtered synths and a limpid concept of fancy for their old seminary characteristic. Russian electronic music Canada entrepreneur duo of Jet Kate
and Dormidontov, appear their EP on the PG imprint. Concept Of Admiration (Maksim Biserov Remix):

A smoother nab on the first keep a record of, with a guaranteed su bobbin' vibe.

Dormidontov, Jet Kate - Concept of Love (Original Mix)
Jet Kate - Yes, Please (Original Mix)
Dormidontov, La Pin, Jet Kate - Concept of Love (La Pin Remix)
Dormidontov, Jet Kate - Concept of Love (Maksim Biserov Remix)
Dormidontov, Jet Kate - Concept of Love (nywkNH Remix)
Dormidontov, Jet Kate - Concept of Love (Tanvir Ahmed Remix)