Taiwan MC – Catalina (feat. Paloma Pradal) [Chinese Man Records]

A single time finally again, we bear a momentous assay of his player endowment. If he already gathered numerous artists on "Crucial This Year", Taiwan MC emphasizes on one occasion again on the divergence and the prominence of his featurings. With "Fresh & Harmful", Taiwan MC delivers an achieved p, mixing reggae's nuances and colours, but also hip hop, dub and electro music's variety, and shows at the word-for-word leisure the wideness of his vocal power, between chanteuse and MC. Following 2 EPs which grind earshot-synstems ( Crucial this Year and Diskodub ), and sundry featurings with Chinese Man, DJ Wadim or Manu Digital, Tawain MC is aba, stronger than at all times, with their beforehand album "Cool-headed & Pernicious"!

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