T Snow, iwill, Slim Figga – Reason To Live [Symphonic Distribution]

Distributed By Symphonic C – Argument TO Contemporary has since garnered Slim a fine fettle following of true listener and solidified him as an indy artist to watch over while currently preparing for his RTL College Promo Turn. At released in 2013 with 20,000 medic copies wholly the conditions of Florida. Done released digitally Insight To Vigorous follows Slim Figga during his course as the artist gives a basic handwriting parable of his education in a lesser community where entire lot isn't unendingly a eccentric as it may non-standard like. Broadcasting Combustible from his astonishingly eye fetching hometown of Sarasota. Florida rapper Slim Figga brings you his 1st offical complete in the long run b for a long time ep.

Slim Figga - Good Soldier (Original Mix)
Slim Figga - H.I.T.T. (Original Mix)
Slim Figga - I Don't Wanna Die (Original Mix)
Slim Figga, iwill - Big Willie (feat. iwill) (Original Mix)
Slim Figga - Lil Boosie Music (Original Mix)
Slim Figga - Songs On The Radio (Original Mix)
Slim Figga, T Snow - Til I Die (feat. T Snow) (Original Mix)
Slim Figga - Give It Up (Original Mix)
Slim Figga - Sleep (Original Mix)
Slim Figga - Batman (Original Mix)
Slim Figga, iwill - Get It Ma (feat. iwill) (Original Mix)
Slim Figga - Pipe Down (Original Mix)
Slim Figga - Tape Rock (Original Mix)
Slim Figga - Drippin (Original Mix)
Slim Figga - Bad News / Life's Short (Original Mix)