T.R.O., Alt-A, Barrcode, Motiv – V.i.m.breaks Bronze Series Vol.1 [VIM Records]

Key compilation in our above average BRONZE series dedicated to the OldSkool-Breaks/Rage-Breaks and Garage-Breaks hearing. Some uplifting dancefloor selections by some of the most energizing artists of the current Breaks location

Motiv - Be With Me (Original Mix)
PRODUKDo - Fleek Beats (Journeyman Vs Barrcode Remix)
DigiTroll - Ye Olde Sound Of London (Original Mix)
MotivBreaks - Save Me Tonight (ALT-A Remix)
MotivBreaks - Let Me See (Original Mix)
MotivBreaks - Cycles (Original Mix)
DigiTroll - White Glove (T.R.O. Remix)
MotivBreaks - Feel The XTC (Original Mix)
Neuro Native - Eternity (Future Breaks Edit) (Original Mix)
MotivBreaks - The Light (Extended Mix) (Original Mix)
MotivBreaks - Need To Go Away (Original Mix)