T. Burton, Gabriella de Haas, Brett Scott, Dr Danger – Dirty Snowballs [Symphonic Distribution]

Bedraggled Snowballs is the second album from untrammelled artist Rodney H. It is a profoundly wonderfully produced and eclectic mix of songs addressing the challenges of the prevalent men we c in. He offers a Dialect right contrasting viewpoint. Distributed By Symphonic Dispensation – Burton II also known as Dr Liable to be. It's lewd, calm and a vast hear in any mate of headphones.

Dr Danger - The Dr. (Original Mix)
Sarah Kaiser, Dr Danger - Home Team (feat. Sarah Kaiser) (Original Mix)
Dr Danger - Phase One (Original Mix)
Dr Danger - Conversation (Original Mix)
Dr Danger, Brett Scott - Fugitive (feat. Brett Scott) (Original Mix)
Dr Danger - Jealous Of You (Original Mix)
Dr Danger, Brett Scott - MVP (feat. Brett Scott) (Original Mix)
Dr Danger, Gabriella de Haas - Tell Me (feat. Gabriella de Haas) (Original Mix)
Dr Danger - Heaven or Hell (Original Mix)
Dr Danger - Gone (Original Mix)
Dr Danger - Galaxy (Original Mix)
Dr Danger - Manners (Original Mix)
Dr Danger, T. Burton - That Loud (feat. Tatjana Burton) (Original Mix)
Dr Danger - Bump This (Original Mix)
Dr Danger - Adlikon (Original Mix)