Synsine – Behind You & Me [Infinity-Tunes]

Another upcoming and positive artist who has made his plans for a corresponding exactly later. This 'only' alley is a outing across divers styles, from ecstasy by way of techno, electronica, dubstep and forest psy, where a bittersweet mix of in the chips effects and weird euphoria is blended with a haunted, driving and psychedelic think. Grasp a soup! Lana/Italy-based farmer, hopeful and avaricious, he is eager to subsume into half-consciousness and part his 'backstage' stories with us. Manuel has attended into myriad parties and events the up to date years and this is where he got his urge to start transferring his vibes/thoughts in to music. Next unfetter is the launch 'Behind You And Me' choose Ep from Synsine, the eclectic solitary design and rascally change-ego of Manuel Thanai. Obdurate bassline hits and 'box-grooves', punchy kickdrum and unheard-of vocals combined with dub-shots and synth patterns.

Synsine - Behind You & Me (Original Mix)