Sweet Beatz, Johnny Bass, Erick Ibiza, Guy Scheiman – Guy Scheiman Music (peak Hour Tracks) [Guy Scheiman Music]

Guy Scheiman Music is proud to release his 9th release, Guy Scheiman Music – Peak Hour Tracks. This compilation is an album with prime time tracks gathered from previous releases, perfect for your high energy peak hour set.

Guy Scheiman is one of the most successful young DJs and producers on today's international club scene. His remixes have been commissioned by some of the world's biggest and most reputable record labels – Universal, Interscope, Sony, Capitol, Atlantic and TommyBoy.

Guy Scheiman - Power (Gonna Get U Boy) (Original Mix)
Guy Scheiman - Alive (Double Face Brazil Remix)
Guy Scheiman - Alive (Eddie Martinez Remix)
Guy Scheiman - The Club (Luis Vazquez Remix)
Guy Scheiman - The Club (Erick Ibiza Tel Aviv Remix)
Guy Scheiman - Trumpetada (Original Mix)
Guy Scheiman - All Around the World feat. Michal S (Deep Influence Remix)
Guy Scheiman - You Need to Give It Up (Original Mix)
Guy Scheiman - Feel the Vibe feat. Michal S (2016 Mix)
Guy Scheiman, Katherine Ellis - Say a Little Prayer (Funtasy aka Sweet Beatz & Johnny Bass Remix)
Guy Scheiman, Katherine Ellis - Say a Little Prayer (Luis Vazquez Remix)