Svendaq – Hesperia [Karmaloft Music]

Karmaloft is excited to present Svendaq's new EP "Hesperia". The EP is 7 invitations to get lost in a sea of Down Beat and Chill Out combined with some loungy deep house tracks. Get ready for 7 tracks filled with ever-pulsing synth pads, cheeky rhodes lines, captivating beats, crazy harmonic ventures, incredibly elaborate percussion and so much more. Another 7 little adventures. 7 times ear candy. Tune in!

Svendaq - Hesperia (Original Mix)
Svendaq - Tropical Bells (Original Mix)
Svendaq - Near the Beach (Original Mix)
Svendaq - Vista Bellissimo (Original Mix)
Svendaq - Boogie Nights (Original Mix)
Svendaq - Funky Meal (Original Mix)
Svendaq - Easy Bepop (Original Mix)
Svendaq - Night Routes (Original Mix)
Svendaq - World Contact (Original Mix)