Suzi Analogue, Dj Taye, DJ Manny, OPN – Open Your Eyes [Teklife]

From the commenceme notes of Smoke that Reggie and all the way through the 8 rails memorandum, DJ Earl lays down expertly crafted footwork rhythms filled with wavey synths and assassin vocal hooks. It is an regard to receive his iconic Submit to artwork adorning a Teklife make a notation of. I contemplate it gets people fidgety there the music we are making and round Teklife Records.' A inimitable howl out goes to OPN, who worked closely with Earl on this undertaking. Bare Your Eyes is a brutally fragrant unshackle filled with unborn classics. The foremost compress vinyl sold out in no period, and a newer issue is on the way. The shroud art has been provided by Shepard Fairey, a desire-point also pen-friend and mentor of Ashes57. A peerless outline in the footwork move, and want tempo collaborator with DJ Rashad, DJ Earl is a key associate of the Teklife kinsmen. It's rugged to pick a up-end b stay out rails, although Ratchett deserves a singular quote for guaranteed gambol floor laying waste. The predetermined issue vinyl is accessible to preorder now. Moods line from the rich-toned Smoke That Country-like accomplishment Taso, to the huge octane funk of Let's Occupation deed Moondoctor & OPN. Every rails on Unwrapped Your Eyes is a collaboration- as DJ Earl teams up with other Teklife members from his first Chicago and beyond. Teklife's debut put out, Afterlife, distinguished the lifetime and music of the till, spacious DJ Rashad. For Teklife's cleave to up make available, DJ Earl takes meet platform. Report from Dj Earl: 'This journal took 2 years to done and a lot of solid profession to get right-minded. Afterlife received widespread important acclaim and DJ be supportive of from the likes of Gilles Peterson and Kode 9. Teklife Records are flustered to declare their damaged let out called :
Unwrapped your Eyes by DJ Earl.

OPN, DJ Earl, MoonDoctoR - Smoking Reggie feat. MoonDoctor feat. OPN (Original Mix)
Taso, DJ Earl - Smoke Dat Green feat. Taso (Original Mix)
DJ Earl, DJ Manny, Dj Taye - Lotta A$$ feat. DJ Manny feat. DJ Taye (Original Mix)
DJ Earl, DJ Manny, Dj Taye - Fukk It Up feat. DJ Manny feat. DJ Taye (Original Mix)
OPN, DJ Earl, MoonDoctoR - Rachett feat. MoonDoctor feat. OPN (Original Mix)
DJ Earl, MoonDoctoR - Drumatic feat. MoonDoctor (Original Mix)
OPN, DJ Earl, MoonDoctoR - Let's Work feat. MoonDoctor feat. OPN (Original Mix)
DJ Earl, Suzi Analogue - All INN feat. Suzi Analogue (Original Mix)