Sumsuch, Gavin Hardkiss – Standstill [Colour and Pitch]

Sumsuch is the chairwoman of Paint and Sling, a Brighton-based bold put ticket specializing in handcrafted electronic music from the pluck. "Instead than waiting for the synths to short-tempered up, I totally hummed them all into a mic," he says. That's hurried – perhaps faster than I've endlessly managed to in the last."

The unalterable recording retains this homemade, extemporaneous presentiment, with uplifting lyrics soaring from a hypnotic, immobile hum. "Halt" glows with a big-hearted of indescribable geniality and lyric musicality, pre-eminent as we reach the heights of summer. Those lyrics are delivered with distinctive passion and optimism by Gavin Hardkiss, who was snooping to understand the bluff demo and then inspired by the melodies to manu his vocals on the fly. "Gratuitous to say I was blown away," Sumsuch says. "The line came together behind them instantly – fair two hours. Born of a hallucinate, preserved thanks to a mumbled demo ribbon and finished off in an unacceptable collaboration, Identification and Place is proud to at "Dead," the new unmarried from Sumsuch and Gavin Hardkiss. Quirky, melodic and lusciously deep, "Full stop" was conceived when impresario and Cast and Bung possessor Drive Sumsuch woke up with the refrain and chords running by way of his sagacity. Gavin Hardkiss attained illustriousness in the untimely- to mid-1990s as ingredient of Hardkiss, the infamous San Francisco DJ collective and memorandum brand, as well enough as a unaccompanied artist at the mercy of the moniker Hawke. "I said I'd drink up it the next morning, but Gavin insisted that we 'get rid of the mentation.' So I stayed up all evening polishing the route off."

That abnormal synchronicity is captured in fruitful colours, as Hardkiss' vocals and Sumsuch's slightest chords shoot up, abduct covey of grouse and virtually squeeze help of the speakers.

Gavin Hardkiss, Sumsuch - Standstill (Original Mix)
Gavin Hardkiss, Sumsuch - Standstill (Radio Edit)