Summer (Brendon Collins) – The Strange Reason [Tulipa Recordings]

Tulipa boss Summer (Brendon Collins) returns in a timely manner to the glowing gardens with The Strange Reason. This monstrosity is the culmination of countless hours meditating in a hypnotic state near a drying creek. Summer has strange thought after strange thought skipping through his mind as he composes a techno leviathan for fans of the underground sounds of Tulipa. He connects directly with the dance floor as this bass-heavy, synth-warbled treasure slams against the bodies of thousands of gyrating admirers.

Distance between apples. Being wry at the highest level. Symbolic fissure. It is tense when studied by surgeons. One foot in the grain, the other out the door. A chilly mocking. The sandal shadow. A limp wrist cracked the edge of dusk. She formed an oval with two telephone receivers, smiled gently, and then cowered away. Bees on fine shoulders. Stacking captain slid the vase. Painting freely was the lesson all along. Mourning for glory. Temptation fan club. Nine years in a world full of lanterns. Moon rising far below.

2016 Tulipa Recordings

Artwork by Justin Chodzko
Words by Summer (Brendon Collins)

Summer (Brendon Collins) - The Strange Reason (Original Mix)