Sumdaze – Diamonds & Dust [Eire Supply]

The 4 article corps are based in Tralee be experiencing been working working and producing their launch album entitled Diamonds And Dust. The 10 long explanation album also features the bands ahead two singles 'We Material And Die In These Towns' as expressively as the singles All Smiles All about The Municipality. The entitlement of the album is entranced from the line that closes the album Diamonds And Dust. Diamonds And Dust is the come out album from the party Sumdaze.

Sumdaze - Sunshine Blues (Original Mix)
Sumdaze - All Smiles Around The City (Original Mix)
Sumdaze - We Live & Die In These Towns (Original Mix)
Sumdaze - I Cant Breathe (Original Mix)
Sumdaze - Just Like You (Original Mix)
Sumdaze - Time Is A Healer (Original Mix)
Sumdaze - The Streets Of San Francisco (Original Mix)
Sumdaze - Here I Am (Original Mix)
Sumdaze - I'll Keep My Faith (Original Mix)
Sumdaze - Diamonds & Dust (Original Mix)