Sugar Ray Johnson, D-Funk – The Return Of Sugar Ray [Grits N Gravy]

A raven AMC Gremlin creeps up from the end of the circle lights on low stud. The Gremlin rolls up next to Sugar Ray and the traveller side window rolls down passably for a pointer to reach out with the carton. Sat on the hood of a Fleetwood underneath the flickering of a pulverized down streetlight Sugar Ray breaths in the indifferent evensong air as he waits for his anchor to elucidate up with the carton. Sugar Ray takes maintain of the transportation and as the Gremlin cruises off into the nightfall he carefully unwraps the goods… We had to put out this jerry-built intense disco funk EP onto digital so that its excellence could on no account be strayed. The Profit of Sugar is here well-disposed to decide on your next obstruct soir. Its been a crave thi coming but here at Grits N Gravy we got our hands on that quite rare bootleg vinyl major.

D-Funk, Sugar Ray Johnson - Give Me Your Love (Original Mix)
D-Funk, Sugar Ray Johnson - Hold Me Back (Original Mix)