Sugar Bitter – Spark Plug [Symphonic Distribution]

Sugar Bitter, boys-quartet from Semarang, Indonesia carrying the indie rock/post- punk revival, officially released their debut EP, Spark Plug. The music is most closely to fall under the umbrella of indie rock. Specifically rooted in post-punk revival and garage rock. Sugar Bitter also affected by elements of stoner rock and desert rock and also fuses the touch of psychedelic mood to provide dark atmosphere with some sort of delay and rotary modulation.

Sugar Bitter - Casket of Cosiness (Original Mix)
Sugar Bitter - Caffeinated Man (Original Mix)
Sugar Bitter - Story Teller (Original Mix)
Sugar Bitter - You Only Die Once (Original Mix)
Sugar Bitter - Melancholic Triumph (Original Mix)
Sugar Bitter - Heart Failure (Original Mix)