Suboreal, Wingz, D Flect – Multifiction Ep, Pt. 3 [T3K]

Again a lot of power by upcoming artists
with unconventional ideas, mystical bass and satisfac compression thinks both delight
your ears and drudgery dancefloors when dropped at the factual tempo. We clinch the chapter that is "Multifiction" with the third
portion of this nea mini-series featuring another recondite and
slightest bassline oriented prints by D Flect (UK), a altogether solid and
funked out street by Wingz (Austria) and a individual compensation on by
Suboreal (Germany).

  • Release date: 2016-09-05
  • Label: T3K
  • Genre: Progressive House
  • Quality: 320kbps / 44.1kHz / Full Stereo
D Flect - Escape Plan (Original Mix)
Wingz - Defender (Original Mix)
Suboreal - Deep Space Is Right Around The Corner (Exclusive Bonus Track) (Original Mix)