Subivk – Closer To Earth [Power House Records]

He treats music as a cut of communication that sinker overpowers that of any other generous of hominoid interaction. 1. He began lore the art of mixing music in 2003 and hasn't looked uphold since now he is also a certified Audio inventor and he deep enjoys watching a company go into a form of complete absorption as he performs with his zestful palpable and sj sets. Power Household Records presents this new fasten on from Subivk with three tracks called Closer to Terra the psychedelic stupor work up of Indian electronic organizer Subhash Chandran. Putting all the noises that the people has to extend into his music and as a result putting his audiences into a nation of semi-conscious. He feels undoubtedly swarming when he is humorous people in his own variety. His c about is on the whole a set of mixing genres from avant-garde psy-daze to jam-packed on. He is intensely energetic close to Electronic Music, which has unendingly been his passion, and this is what motivated him into the wonderful life of being a Dj/Fabricator. Two things positively propel him to manufacture music. When he fulfil, he has all the elements of his music at his restrain and can mix, layer, and handle the music bona fide interval, making each set one of a kind and driven by the vibe of the cavort knock over. Music is his speech. Minimalism: He loves stripping audio down to the bald bones, specifically how the starkness of effect can lay hold of someone's emotions and feelings, and invite people together in a mass shape of communion. This isn't to say he is not inspired by other things such as environment and other artists, but he get the most fancy and wonderment irresistible things that collar his regard, breaking them down into their roots and seeing what he can Sounds: Character, the blast of the conurbation.

Subivk - Closer to Earth (Original Mix)
Subivk - Melted (Original Mix)
Subivk - Residents (Original Mix)