Subaqueous, DanceHer aLive, HAANA, Subaqueous – Slipstream [Chillage Records]

"Slipstream" is the foreseen album from Subaqueous, a new foray into quality from the bass regisseur Isaac Cotec. "Slipstream" explores the deepest valleys of the being and takes listeners on a psychedelic bass take a trip into landscapes of the nameless.

Subaqueous, The Adaptive - Slipstream (feat. The Adaptive) (Original Mix)
Subaqueous, KR3TURE - Tidal Spell (feat. KR3TURE) (Original Mix)
Subaqueous, Jekks - Lotus Weaver (feat. Jekks) (Original Mix)
Subaqueous, Halfred - Ink Drip (feat. Halfred) (Original Mix)
HAANA - Sweetest Invitation (Subaqueous Remix)
Subaqueous, DanceHer aLive - Seeds Dream (feat. DanceHer aLive) (Original Mix)
Subaqueous - Graceful Shores (Original Mix)