Sub-Zero, Synapse, Synapse – Shades Of Darkness [Kaos Krew Records]

José Rafael Fernandes Crespo is the design behind the Synapse work up, one that was started 8 years ago. He has since the dawning wanted to travel new ideas and realms of this impressive night-time stretch resound. Gloaming span psychedelic music has discove in profuse forms, styles and bpm ranges upward of the years, in myriad shades as a proprieties of speaking… Essentially revealing the innumerable and complicated intricacies and nuances of this wonderful sub-class of psychedelic music, one with it's roots in a count of really exceptional countries and places upwards the years, including Portugal, the accommodations native land of Synapse. Featuring 2 blistering primitive tracks and a mighty remix of Sub-Zero's mountainous sashay down exemplary, Antichristvs, this EP is not to be missed… Kaos Krew Records in alliance with Synapse, is proud to existent his launching EP & the identification's 70th digital save, Synapse – Shades Of Darkness EP. Like so varied in the presence of him in his locale of origin, Synapse presents to us his noble decoding of this music, a darker, disturbingly pernicious and hidden side interlaced with regular eerier melodies, something that reminds us of darker days or some courteous of epoch looming in the not too far approaching… Distributed By Symphonic Parceling out – Block tuned for this digital distribute at one’s fingertips from selected online music stores on 16th Sept 2016. Inspired and influenced by artists like Antispin and Scorb, and some of the monstrous South African artists from the since 10 years, Synapse promises to cart an atomic bust of ample artillery, thought busting beats combined with diabol and emotive harmonies and other melodic elements, all masterfully layered with some electrifying psychedelic fx, a contagion that wishes set Cimmerian dark ease bop floors bright!!!

Synapse - Terror Inside My Head (Original Mix)
Synapse - Glass (Original Mix)
Sub-Zero - Antichristvs (Synapse Remix)