Styx – Jpt-r [Shipwrec]

Roel Funcken returns to Shipwrec following his superb remix of Ochre's "Glasswork" Under a new alias, Styx, which is a techno orientated project together with Cor Bolten. Jpt-R is a nine track trip into the machine mind of this sonic sculptor. In true Funcken form a plethora of styles and sounds are called upon. IDM. Electronica. Dub. Electro. Techno. Genre boundaries melt. Definitions stepped across. What is left in their place are vibrant and varied tracks. Rhythms are teased, pulled and stretched as structures are dissected. Basslines bubble and bulge, melodies squeezed and released as pressures mount and subside. The concrete become ephemeral in Jpt-R. Guttural glitch is turned in on itself, running smooth as barriers are blurred and ultimately ignored as new ideas abound….

  • Release date: 2016-08-05
  • Label: Shipwrec
  • Genre: Techno
  • Quality: 320kbps / 44.1kHz / Full Stereo
Styx - Zed-B (Original Mix)
Styx - Jup-R (Original Mix)
Styx - Sky-R (Original Mix)
Styx - Hit-N (Original Mix)
Styx - Hin-C (Original Mix)
Styx - Bul-B (Original Mix)
Styx - Ric-Z (Original Mix)
Styx - Bnc-T (Original Mix)
Styx - Lod-T (Original Mix)