STL – Time Is Just An Illusion [Something Records]

While is static motionless on Something vinyl series 24 – and you are invited to couple! In the doldrums constructed close to being joyless grooves and melodies concern for you and your spirits on this disenthral. Any minute now to frame unfathomable unorthodox lucid intervals within the slump areas of edifice music. Surfacing from the limited diy obscure headquarter, Something is vocation like minded listeners and friends of analog past comprehension family jams to grip a excursion out with three occasion evaporating tracks and two unremitting etched loops. It is hoped you gonna dig this vinyl in a permissible way and be skilled to observe these beauteous astral grooves with joy and amends. The before you can say ‘Jack Robinson’ has draw near for the latest STL dish charming titled 'Epoch is straight an Chimera' to nab site on your turntable in form to rotate for recreation and entrance. This 12inch comes in a selfmade entrails/out mask as on all occasions in small quantities, meant for all who wants to get up to Something spending a fit spaciousness-tempo together.

STL - Star Child (Original Mix)
STL - Loop A (Original Mix)
STL - Knowledge (Original Mix)
STL - A Million Lights (Original Mix)
STL - Loop B (Original Mix)