Stergios, Stergios, Stage Van H, Stage Van H – Dirty Monday (remixes) [Addictive Sounds]

Broadway Van H went into the more melodic conducting with the trademark hypnotic harmonies giving you the instinct of natural progressive tour, it's obviously delightful what's superlative from the starting to another flat of subtleness and stunner. Fashion we secure a correct chasmal revolutionary let out coming your way! Addictive Sounds is slowly but to be sure getting make to a big milestone, 95th vestige is the additional remixes EP of Condition Van H & Stergios famed collaboration Grimy Monday, both artists fixed to take care of an choice takes in a shape of their own alone versions! Meantime Stergios made unchanging deeper and groovier diagnosis, based on catchy basslines, atmospheric subsidy patterns and skillfully crafted percussions, alltogether gifted by the contrastive but equally excellent stout-heartedness lines.

Stage Van H, Stergios - Dirty Monday (Stage Van H Mud Mix)
Stage Van H, Stergios - Dirty Monday (Stergios Move Mix)