Stephanovich – Ex Ep [Electronic Tapes]

Steve Wood drops 7 tracks of melodic braindance for Electronic Tapes call of his Stephanovich semblance. A drummer from Gloucestershire UK, Steve's formation is purely old-private school computer equipment based, played red-hot flat to 4 scent. Swirling analogue strings complemented by outdo-acid basslines pay recognition to the dazzling age of Quirk/Rephlex with stimulating capacity….

Stephanovich - Ex Pj (Original Mix)
Stephanovich - Hold (Original Mix)
Stephanovich - Visions of Norge (Original Mix)
Stephanovich - Fragments (Original Mix)
Stephanovich - Avilyn (Original Mix)
Stephanovich - Flow State (Original Mix)
Stephanovich - Move (Original Mix)