Stemi – Timeless [Piston Recordings]

SteMI aka Italian DJ and producer Stefano+Minturnino makes his Piston debut with the superb two tracker Timeless. Stefano is following in his Father's footsteps, his Father became a DJ and set up his own local radio station, and soon enough Stefano was interested in music and clubbing. Over the years he has worked on several projects including Deependance, Dejavu and Hysteria to name just a few. He has also supported top artists including the likes of Francois K, Smokin Jo, Paul Trouble Anderson and Quentin Harris among others. Stefano focuses on deep tech and house and he is always aiming for an innovative sound in his productions were he can develop his own idea of dance music culture.

Timeless oozes a tech house vibe right from the start as crispy sharp percussions dominate. Cool deep synth notes break through the bright hats and soon a nice and chunky kick drum appears to drive the groove. A deep chugging bassline comes through and takes control of the sound as the layers continues to build all around. The tight drums and shuffling percussions make for a wonderful rhythmic flow that will be welcomed on the floors. A fine display of tech house that is not to be missed.

Piano S takes us on a superb trek into deep house and does it in style. Right from the intro we get the vibe as chunky bass notes ring out alongside bright hats. A nice and phat kick drum takes over and is soon joined by some cool vocals and a fantastic, thick low end bassline. Warm keys offer up sporadic stabs that give the track a true deep house groove and these are accompanied by sparse piano riffs that crop up out of nowhere. A fun track that definitely grab a lot of attention.

Stemi - Timeless (Original Mix)
Stemi - Piano S (Original Mix)