Stefano Rocchi, Tapefeed – Urban Metamorphosis [Blackwater]

The sounds and the growing of the songs are inspired by the individual conversion adept familiar in a urban district like London where the drums and the rhythms represent the outburst and restlessness of a higgledy-piggledy habit. Reversion, the way subvene, the end of the day, the circulate of the force. Frenzied is the stress and strain and problems people lineaments in the metropolitan habitual, with a meaning of steadfast stir and moodiness as sounds remove up and down and the drum patterns get more Daedalian. Urban Metamorphosis is the fist EP from the Italian duo Tapefeed that submit a bottomless, tribal and evolving techno know-how. Connexion 151 can be associated to the start of the day, nervousness and pressure are reflected by the distorted pads that constantly unfastened and make, completed by a protracted and touch-and-go classification.

Tapefeed - Bridge 151 (Original Mix)
Tapefeed - Hectic (Original Mix)
Tapefeed - Reversion (Original Mix)
Tapefeed - Reversion (Stefano Rocchi Remix)